History of Programming Languages

Programming languages are complex even today at least to many programmers like me. But once you know the history of programming languages, you’ll definitely change your mind. Machine Language You might already know the computers understand only two symbols, zero (0) and one (1). Everything in computer is represented in form of zeros and ones. … Continue reading “History of Programming Languages”

Compilation Error, Linking Error and Run Time Error

All these types of errors refer to different stages of program’s lifetime. To understand these errors, we have to understand the stages of a program’s lifetime. Generally the programs are written in high level programming languages like C or Fotran which is referred as source codes. Source codes are human readable text that are written in English … Continue reading “Compilation Error, Linking Error and Run Time Error”

Difference between Compiler and Interpreter

Compilers and interpreters often deal with how program codes are executed. Program codes are human readable texts written in high level programming languages, such as C or Fortran, to accomplish certain tasks. One thing you should know that program codes can not be executed on its own. Either, they needs to be converted into executable, the machine language … Continue reading “Difference between Compiler and Interpreter”