Dilemma We Often Face in Indian Democracy

A perfect example for the dilemma we often face in Indian democracy! A group of children were playing near two railway tracks, one still in use while the other is not. Only one child played on the unused track, the rest on the operational track. A train is coming, and you are just beside the … Continue reading “Dilemma We Often Face in Indian Democracy”

Review of 21st Century Education

The real object of education is to give children resources that will endure as long as life endures, habits that time will not destroy, occupation that will render sickness tolerable, solitude pleasant, age venerable life more dignified and death less terrible. So ,get going, going up with stride without strife, be adamant “India is utopia” … Continue reading “Review of 21st Century Education”

Secularism, a fake entity

India’s secularism is meant different from Europe and from the Western world. It is not following the accurate term of secularism of old-times. It has two sides, one is ethical and second is political. Nothing is secular in accurate sense on political ground and ethics depends on geography, history and varies from country to country. … Continue reading “Secularism, a fake entity”

Sacred Spoiled, British Fiascos

Which war is still unfinished? which place is yet to be turned around? it is Jerusalem where Judaism was born in 1800 BC and flourished till the Romans arrived in the first century A.D. Being recognized as Jewish area, until Jewish-Roman wars happened in 1st and 2nd century and next Jewish became minority. The area … Continue reading “Sacred Spoiled, British Fiascos”

Medication Safety Tips to Prevent Accidental Poisoning of Children

Children are the most precious beings in the world, and deserve to be well protected by their parents and guardians. Can you imagine the horror and anguish you would feel, if you accidentally overdosed your child? How would you feel if your baby swallowed tablets you had carelessly left within his reach? You can make … Continue reading “Medication Safety Tips to Prevent Accidental Poisoning of Children”

The Future of Home Automation Luxury or Necessity

What are the benefits of home automation? Is it really necessary or is it just a luxury for the ultra rich? Why should someone incorporate automated systems in their home to begin with? It it just for convenience, or is it more trouble than it’s worth? In deciding whether to automate a home, here are … Continue reading “The Future of Home Automation Luxury or Necessity”