How to Access Linux Directory or Files from Windows

Many times you want to share Linux directories and file and access them from Windows such that you can modify from Windows and that modifications should be reflected directly to the Linux. Samba is the most popular interoperability tool between Windows and Linux. This is a step by step guide to configure samba on Linux. … Continue reading “How to Access Linux Directory or Files from Windows”

Sightseeing Places in Kolkata

Being the oldest city of India, Kolkata is the home of many historical and heritage places. At the same time, there is no shortage of modern establishments, amusement and educational parks or pilgrimage places. It attracts millions of tourists from across the world in all over the year. No matter whether you are a nature … Continue reading “Sightseeing Places in Kolkata”

How to run an application inside a Linux Container using Docker

Linux Container is an operating system level virtualization to run multiple instances of light-weight Linux operating systems on a single host. Linux Containers give operating system level isolation to the applications running inside the containers. Application running in container views independent process trees, networking, user IDs and mounted file systems than the other applications running … Continue reading “How to run an application inside a Linux Container using Docker”

The Future of Home Automation Luxury or Necessity

What are the benefits of home automation? Is it really necessary or is it just a luxury for the ultra rich? Why should someone incorporate automated systems in their home to begin with? It it just for convenience, or is it more trouble than it’s worth? In deciding whether to automate a home, here are … Continue reading “The Future of Home Automation Luxury or Necessity”

The Best Ways to Prevent Environmental Degradation

Our planet is the most important thing in all of our lives, regardless of who we are. Preventing environmental degradation is a journey that we should all take part in. Keeping our planet clean for future generations is one of the most important things we can do with our limited time here, so that our … Continue reading “The Best Ways to Prevent Environmental Degradation”

Best LTE 4G smartphones below Rs 10000 in 2016

Before our realization, smartphones became daily essential because of the development of the internet technologies and the services available via internet. Life sort of became unimaginable without smartphones. And smartphones are useless without internet. You might already be using phones with older internet technologies like GPRS, EDGE or 3G and thinking of upgrading your phone … Continue reading “Best LTE 4G smartphones below Rs 10000 in 2016”