How to install Ping or Ping6 using YUM

yum install iputils

Ping is a network administration utility tool to check reachability of network node (computer or router) from a computer where the command runs. It also gives the round trip time required for a network packet to travel from the source to destination and back. Network administrators use this utility almost every day. Generally ping is pre-installed on most of the computers; we do not need to worry about where to get it from. But it might not always be available. How to install it on RedHat based Linux system? You might want to install it using yum as it is the simplest way to install package on Linux. Only thing you need to know is the package name. ping or ping6 both are part of iputils package. So you need to run the following command

During installation you will be asked for a confirmation to proceed.

You have to enter ‘y’.

How to know that ping is not available on you system?
If you try to ping like

You will get an error message like this

This does not confirm that ping is not installed on your system though. Your PATH variable may not be set properly. To confirm issue this command to see the package detail


The first line “Available Packages” means the iputils package is available in the rpm repository on internet but not installed on you computer.

How to install the package is already discussed using yum install iputils.

After installation is complete, if you run the yum info iputils command again, you will see the similar output.

This time you will see a line “Installed Packages”. That confirms that the package is installed on you system. Now you can ping a network host like like this

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